A new approach to Medicine

Treat the root cause! Stop masking the symptoms.

Treat the Root Cause, stop masking the symptoms FreshMed is a virtual functional medicine practice here in South Carolina. Functional medicine strives to seek out the root cause of your symptoms and works to correct the dysfunction in your physiology using a whole-body systems approach.

We consider the entirety of your history and experiences, learn about your symptoms and goals, and utilize appropriate lab diagnostics to formulate a program personalized to you.

Our programs focus on dietary changes, sleep hygiene, stress reduction, and physical movement, with appropriate supplements leading to your improved health.

FreshMed Philosophy

At FreshMed, we believe in the value of listening to and understanding what patients have experienced when it comes to their symptoms. We meet patients where they are in your journey, use a holistic approach, and help guide them to a healthier life, keeping their goals at the top of the priority list!




*Medicare patients are not accepted at this time*

A better approach with more convenience

To get started, follow these simple steps:

  • 1Fill out the New Patient Registration Form and confirm your account
  • 2Login to FreshMed's Patient Portal and fill out the questionnaires
  • 3Request your initial appointment

In your initial 60 min visit, Dr. Carter will review your medical history and main concerns and begin to develop a lifestyle protocol to start you on this journey. She'll then recommend and order appropriate lab kits that will get shipped to you. Labs requiring a blood draw will be assessed for necessity on an individual basis and ordered to a local lab facility near you. To optimize your time with Dr. Carter, complete all questionnaires 2 days prior to your appointment. You will then have two 15 minute health coaching sessions with Dr. Carter while we wait for labs, prior to your 30 min lab review and supplement program design visit 4-6 weeks following your initial visit. The supplement program will go along with your lifestyle changes previously discussed. Supplements prescribed will be ordered through Fullscript; an online pharmacy. After the lab review and supplement design visit, 30 minute follow-up visits are recommended at 3 and 6 months. You have the option of additional health coaching sessions to help keep you on track!

FreshMed is a virtual, cash-based practice, so all of your appointments and interactions are online and from the convenience of your home. The patient portal allows for easy communication with your provider, the ability to update your history, and review your treatment plans.

While Dr. Carter is a board-certified family medicine physician, she recommends you maintain a primary care physician for acute care needs, preventative services, surgical concerns, medication management, and other routine and chronic care needs outside the scope of this practice.

Becoming a New Patient

Fill out the New Patient Registration form which will create your personal medical record in the Patient Portal . Then go to Appointments to Request an Appointment.

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