FreshMed is a virtual Functional Medicine Practice where we look to unearth the root cause of your symptoms with a thorough history and informative labs and seek to make meaningful change through lifestyle, diet, and supplementation.

Functional Medicine is a practice of medicine that identifies the root cause of symptoms. It takes into account many factors of a person’s health status, including medical history, life events, diet, and current lifestyle practices, in attempts to find and correct the physiological imbalance going on upstream.

This is accomplished by a more natural approach using food as medicine, along with supplements and vitamins, to achieve the goal of better health, minimizing the need for numerous pharmaceuticals.

FreshMed is a cash-based practice and does not accept insurance at this time. To offer help with this, Dr. Carter will supply an invoice after your appointment, which then can be given to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. This invoice is not a guarantee that you will be reimbursed for services. Those who are enrolled in Medicare are not accepted as patients at this time. 

All appointments will be virtual. Once you are established with Dr. Carter, you will have access to your online portal you can join for your appointments. You simply need a good internet or wi-fi connection.
Yes, it is recommended you maintain a relationship with a PCP. While Dr. Carter is board certified in family medicine, the focus of her practice is functional medicine. She may discuss age-appropriate recommendations with you as part of your overall treatment program, but it will fall to you and your PCP to follow up on.
Just like most things, this too will take time. Depending on your symptoms and treatment plan, improvement may be noticed anywhere starting from 6 weeks to 3 months. Full resolution of your symptoms may take longer. Remember, this is a lifestyle change, working to correct sometimes decades of dysfunction.