Service Items

  • Initial Visit 60 min
  • Lab review and Supplement Program Design 30 minutes
    Visit (at 4-6 weeks following your initial visit)
  • Health Coaching Visit - 15 min
  • Follow-up Visit
    (Program adjustments, recommended at 3 and 6 months) 20 min

We do not accept payment with insurance benefits at this time. If you choose to file a claim with your insurance company and they request additional information, we may share your information with them to assist you in obtaining payment.

An invoice will be added to the patient portal after the service is provided, which may be submitted to the insurance company. Please allow 1 week for the creation of this item.

Lab interpretation fees will apply based on what is ordered during your visit and will be charged at your Supplement Program Design and Lab Review appointment. Fees may apply for any outside labs reviewed by Dr. Carter from other providers. Payment is due the day of services rendered. Full payment of packages is due at the initial visit .

Adrenal Package

Initial Appointment with Rhythm Plus lab interpretation fee, Lab Review and Supplement design appointment with 3 month follow up.

Organix Package

Initial Appointment with Organix lab interpretation fee, Lab Review, and Supplement design appointment with 3 month follow up.

FreshMed Package

Initial Appointment with ASP w/ CAR, GI Fx, and Organix lab interpretation fees, Lab Review and Supplement design appointment with 3 month follow up.

If any labs listed above or additional to labs listed above require a blood/serum sample as discussed with provider and patient, those labs will be drawn/collected by Quest Diagnostics.

The patient will be responsible for any lab draw fees and/or any additional cost of labs not listed above.

Organix Bundle

Initial appointment, Organix lab, Follow-up appointment, lab interpretation fee $855 (savings of $49)

Lab Costs

  • Adrenocortex Stress Profile with Cortisol Awakening Response (saliva) $160
  • GI Effects Comprehensive Profile (stool) $399
  • Organix Comprehensive Profile (urine) $299
  • One Day Hormone Check (saliva) $299
  • Rhythm Plus (saliva) $399
  • Male Hormones Plus (saliva) $299
Lab Costs

All specialty labs are ordered and paid through Rupa Health and are subject to additional processing and handling fees. Payment arrangements are made separately with Rupa Health for labs and not collected by FreshMed.

Lab costs are subject to a 7% process and handling fee. Payment for labs will be through Rupa Health directly.

Lab descriptions

Adrenocortex Stress Profile

Description : Assessment of stress hormones, cortisol and dhea, includes Cortisol Awakening Response. Source : Saliva Turnaround Time : 7 days

GI Effects

Description : Comprehensive assessment of digestion/absorption, inflammation/infection, and gut microbiome. Source : Stool Turnaround Time : 17 days


Description : Comprehensive nutritional and metabolic assessment of physiological processes including energy production, detoxification, neurotransmitter breakdown, intestinal microbial activity, carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism. Source : Urine Turnaround Time : 14 days

One Day Hormone Check

Description : Assessment of unbound, bioavailable hormones – estradiol, estrone, estriol, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, dhea, melatonin, and their impact on fatigue, weight issues, libido, changes in hair and skin, hot flashes. Source : Saliva Turnaround Time : 7 days

Rhythm Plus

Description : Comprehensive 28-day assessment of estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, melatonin. This includes ASP and Comprehensive Melatonin Profile. This can reveal areas to focus on for menstrual cycle irregularities, libido, mood disorders, insomnia, GI complaints. Recommended for those seeking optimization with fertility. Source : Saliva Turnaround Time : 7 days

Menopause Plus

Description : Comprehensive salivary testing over a 6-day course evaluating estradiol, estrone, estriol, progesterone, progesterone/estrogen ratio. A one-time measurement of testosterone. A 24-hour evaluation of cortisol, dhea, and Melatonin. This test helps to evaluate common symptoms of menstrual irregularities, fatigue, weight issues, libido, changes in hair and skin, and hot flashes. Source : Saliva Turnaround Time : 7 days

Male Hormones

Description :Assessment of bioavailable testosterone in a circadian rhythm. Also includes Adrenocortex stress profile and Comprehensive Melatonin Profile to see how cortisol, dhea, and melatonin impact testosterone levels. Source :Saliva Turnaround Time : 7 days